Chapter 4: How to Moor the Boat

When the true policy shall have been formulated, each nation in the world will be a constituent bloc to enforce the policy. Each nation will then be responsible for contributing to the effective enforcement of the unified human policy, by adapting the ways and means to the local customs and manners, climatic conditions and any other peculiarities of its own.

Therefore, the above proposed maternity hospital must be a common possession of all nations in the world and it must be built and maintained through contributions by all nations. Its operation must be participated by all nations, with an unlimited degree of co-operation. The site of this maternity hospital shall be chosen for practical conveniences to all nations.

We do not doubt that the national leaders, cherishing love to their people and those who sincerely hope for honourable survival of human race, are eagerly looking forward in the depth of heart and soul to the time when the true policy will take the place of the existing variety of policies.

May we name the ‘man-alone’ policy as mundane sight as against a true sight – the policy rooted on the ground of equal respect for all beings.

The policy of true sight is certainly to put an end to the prolonged inadequacies and poverty that have been caused by the policies of mundane sight. The mundane sight is a necessary evil and has a reason to be, but it must be always subject to the review and rectification by the wisdom of true sight.

This true sight is the last recourse by which mankind may turn the tide to survive the impending threats of doom. The human race as a whole stands at the crossroad of life or death, this is whether it does or does not choose to build a maternity hospital for bringing birth to the true policy. The destiny of humanity seems rather heading toward the fall of extinction and the question now is, whether or not mankind will act early enough.

Dear friends, I believe that you have looked at the picture of humanity with keen mind freed from distracted thoughts and are now aware that our ancestors were not so lazy to let things worsen. However, in-spite, of their toils and pains, affairs have taken the course against their aims and expectations, aggravating misfortunes, anxieties, malcontents and frustrations to the verge of self-disintegration. What a discouraging contradiction between aims and results! HOW CAN THIS BE EXPLAINED? Its true evidence that any aims, directions, behaviours, inventions, successes, progresses, or bona fide efforts are only destined to prove themselves mere freaks on board the boat rushing headlong toward the fall, if the basic error plays first fiddle.

We must not miss the chance to rescue the human race from the stream of doom by means of exposing the root ignorance and insulating mankind from it, once and for all. Let us all be attentive enough to listen to the footsteps of this chance of mooring the boat and landing on the unshakable ground.

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