Chapter 2: What the Human Subconscious is up to

You may now agree with me, dear friends, that the human destiny is nearing its end irrespective of success or failure to eliminate wars and nuclear weapons. Man has become so apathetic to the virtues of love and trust and to the vices of deceit, hatred and cruelty that he seems to be thirsty for killing and being killed and for harming and being harmed. He is unconsciously self-disintegrating. No matter what medicines he may take, what marvellous fruits of medical science he may partake in or how faithfully he observe sanitary rules, how can he defend his life, if the depth of his being is pinning for death? Even if he himself is not yearning for death, can he escape the assaults from those who are infected with inner thirst for killing? In addition, accidents and natural disasters keep on hitting the virtuous and the wicked indiscriminately.

Shall we turn to examine what is happening at the level of the sovereign states of the world?

So many countries not only wish for destruction of other countries, but are disinclined to stop piling up dreadful means of mass slaughter and destruction. Now this fratricide thirst has ended up with the materialization of means to annihilate both friends and foes.

The states of the world, which can never unite themselves for any good objectives, quite readily form all-out unions to fight wars of massacre and destruction. How ironical it is that the states do engage themselves with top enthusiasm for the purpose of self-destruction, but snarl at everyone who happens to work for revitalizing humanity!

It seems true in essential nature that man has grown a monster of destruction and slaughter. So to say, humanity has transformed itself into the most dreadful enemy to itself. We must look straight at this eeriness and ask ourselves why.

Dear friends, your sub-consciousness is already aware that you have long since ceased to be virtuous and that either civilization or science is no longer of any importance for maintenance of human life in its true sense. Your inner conscience knows that you have addicted yourselves to civilization and science to such an extent, that you have harmed, polluted and troubled so much and to that end, all beings feel they have nothing to be blamed for. Your inner voice may have already persuaded your conscience to pay the price for your own wrong. You may thus have made up your mind to punish yourselves and have completed the preparations to annihilate everyone on earth from a beautiful sense of equity. Thus, in passing, you have not forgotten to revenge upon the earth, the imprudent landlord, who has accommodated you all.

You are ready now. You can trigger it. You can commit mass suicide, so that you may not waste the tremendous accumulations of your money and toil, or may not betray the great producers of all these preparations, whom you have supported, admired and thanked so much. You have elected to the leadership of your governments and other walks of life, those people who you thought were most staunchly undoubting in making these preparations, with persistent efficiency and boldness to take advantage of any and all resources of entire nations. They are by no means to blame. They have been chosen by you to accomplish the showdown of your subconscious wills. They are, therefore, your godchildren.

Suppose if someone asks you to contribute a small share of money and labour for the purpose of revitalizing mankind and refreshing the earth, how would you respond?

You would say, nonsense, our efforts and money are ready to serve the purpose of destruction and mass suicide, but they cannot be associated with such things as revitalizing and refreshing. In all frankness, the earth has nothing more to attract us. We are working day and night to make preparations for evacuating this earth.

Really! I have the vision to see what you think in general terms. I think there are still some among you who retain hopes with the earth. I know friends of mine who are certainly not going to exile themselves. I do not think that the entire family of mankind could possibly move to another planet, if it should at all be technically possible. You have no right to sacrifice the majority, only for the uncertain possibility of migration by a small number of you. I would rather ask you if you really mean to migrate from the earth. I guess you do not speak honestly. You had better restore the most part of your attention to the earth, though you may share a bit of interest to the outer space. Remember the saying, dear friends “Watch your steps.” If your own selves and your earth were on the verge of destruction, what good would your discoveries, your inventions, your success, your progress etc. do? Unless something is done here and now to save the very stage of your drama, your dreams of discoveries, inventions, etc. would inevitably end when the last curtain falls.
The pacifist theories, the conventional ethical codes of the world and the international goodwill movements are all but void in coping with the ultimate catastrophe that mankind as a whole now faces. So is, Communism, Democracy and the likes. The history of man has witnessed great statesmen, great thinkers, great inventors and great scientists who have accomplished so many great works. Mankind has worked very hard day and night to disseminate education, to imbue people with numerous ideologies, thoughts and systems to take us forward.

To our regret, all these efforts have not proved to be rewarding. On the contrary, human conscience has kept on disrupting, social turmoil accelerating, with accidents and natural calamities adding their frequency and scale. This is owing to the grave illusion underlying man’s outlook on life itself. The error was so fatal at its source that the entailing outcomes have formed a huge stream of incongruities during a long passage of time. Thus it is obvious, that any deliberations or efforts, so long as human behaviour, economic, political, educational, etc., remain to be derived from the keynote of that root illusion, will work against their intentions as having done in the past.

To clarify and correct this root illusion should be the first thing to be given the top consideration here and now. There are these pre-requisites in starting the task with an insight equipped with the following five visions and right concepts derived from that insight:-

  1. Vision into the one consistent undercurrent of history of the world’s past, present and future.
  2. Vision into the interrelationship between all beings and into their true nature.
  3. Vision into the cause and effect of the roles played by the wind and storm, rain and snow, earthquakes, thunder, tidal waves and all other natural phenomena.
  4. Vision into the justification of the senses and emotions that all sentient beings have by nature.
  5. Vision into the timeless, unchallengeable rules of the cosmic being that creates, evolves and activates the manifestations of all living things and phenomena.

All beings are characteristic of the attributes of the species they belong to and some characteristics are different from being to being, each one of which is autonomous by itself. At the same time, none of them can be independent, but all of them compose one cosmic life. Therefore, any individual being must necessarily be maintained in harmony with the rule of the cosmic life.

The above mentioned insight means, the insight of an individuals personality, who clearly recognises the cause and effect of maltreatments that mankind enforced on beings on the globe, due to human ignorance of the all-important cosmic rule.

Dear friends, your subconscious has conceded to the sentence of annihilation and has prepared yourselves for self-execution. Have you not been visited by a sudden awakening to something deep inside preparing you? Have you not then started wishing for something new and expecting something new? Wishing for what, and expecting what? No doubt it is the new concepts derived from the aforementioned insight that you have now begun to wish for and expect.

This booklet is intended for depicting a glimpse of these concepts. It is meant to put forth, a hope that there are ways and means we can formulate to revitalise all human systems and re-orient all human behaviours, with the support of clear cut prescriptions for treatment of the vitals, thus breaking the chaotic circle of thousands of years of human history and restoring peace to the troubled nature on the earth.