Chapter 1: Moor the Boat to the Bank

One may imagine a sight of billions of ants on board a piece of driftwood, floating on a fast-running stream. The ants are apparently, unaware that their driftwood is nearing a cataract. They seem to be even ignorant of the fact that they are on the driftwood. If they were aware, how could they afford to hate one another, scheme against one another, or be occupied with greed and hostility?

The moment when their driftwood falls down the cataract, what would anything mean to one or another ant, friend or foe?

This pathetic sight is nothing but an epitome of today’s mankind.

Dear friends, you are worried about the threats of war or concerned over the use of nuclear energy, both these problems are certainly very serious. You should, however, be aware that mankind is faced with far graver problems.

If you should come to realise those graver problems, you would be surprised to discover that the good old days have long since past, the good old days when mankind could afford to worry about the threats of war.

Unless mankind can see the extreme seriousness of the true problem, humanity cannot make any steps towards any brighter destiny, even if the war threats could be rooted out and the problems of nuclear energy be solved. The problems of war threats and nuclear energy concern merely the internal affairs of the group of ant kind, or, so to say the driftwood, but have nothing to do with the crucial plight of the driftwood that is carrying the entire ant kind, which keeps on running headlong towards the waterfall, regardless of war or peace aboard it.

If though, least probable, the war threats should be eliminated once and for all, mankind as a whole would still be heading everyday to their doom. Some believe that the recent progress in medical science has made the man’s life longer, but the individual human longevity is one things and the longevity of mankind itself is another.

The doomed fate of mankind would not slow down its pace, whatever agreement may be reached among the people of the world, should we fail to do something about mankind’s march towards the waterfall.

The first thing to do is to moor the drifting boat of mankind to the river bank and thus to insulate it from the falling stream.

What we should have learnt first of all in life are these points:-

What is meant by the drifting boat, the falling stream, the cataract and the river bank?

How could we then make the approach to the key, dear friends?

All beings, mountains, rivers, plants, animals including humans, earth, sea, air, stars, space, time and whatever else – are one and whole living unity throughout timelessness. This truth was conceived millions of years ago, but mankind in general, have not succeeded in translating it into practicable language. All beings without exception are interrelated so exquisitely in a living unity. It is wonderfully true that no one being, can be more valuable or less than others and that no one being can have more reason to be or less than others. Unfortunately, the majority of mankind one day created a mythology that ‘man is the lord of creation, or man along stands superior to the rest of beings’. This illusion-conceived mythology is to be called phenomenally, the root ignorance that has been giving birth to all forms of vice, greed, passion and folly.

Mankind embarked on the boat of mythology and started drifting on the stream of illusion. With the separation from such virtues as love and trust, caused by the vices of root illusion, this stream has grown formidable and uncontrollable throughout millions of years. The stream of illusion is doomed to come to its fall that is the cataract.

What is meant by the river bank? Every being composing the cosmic living unity in exquisite inter-relationship must be governed by a cosmic rule that keeps the whole in meaningful order. The river bank means this timeless, unchallengeable cosmic rule.

To moor the boat to the bank is meant to allude to the great enlightenment on the part of mankind, that is, to precisely realize and unfalteringly live the cosmic rule. This crucial orientation has been a blind spot in the vision of the past human leadership by and large. To give a decisive turn to the humanity toward this orientation of prime importance should be the first thing, without which any amount of human efforts could never prevent the doomed fall of mankind.

This task of mooring the boat to the bank must precede all the rest of human endeavours.