John Christian Talks About Tamo-San and Introduces Moor The Boat

This transcript is taken from an interview in which John Christian talks about Tamo-San, and Moor The Boat, and the importance of getting it into the public eye.

John Christian

John Christian

“Moor The Boat is a text taken from a talk that Tamo-San gave of her vision that she was given as a young lady of twenty-one when she was meditating on the Om symbol in the temple in Japan, and she said that luminescence, the spirit, living spirit of the Universe came through, and engulfed her, and she was just taken, for two weeks, into this exploratory understanding of the Kosmos and how it works, and during that time she was shown possibilities of cause and effect that would take place if human beings didn’t strive for self-enlightenment, and continued behaving the way they were behaving.  So she committed the rest of her life, from that moment on, to try and wake us up, basically, get the message to us.

“She was one of those voices in the wilderness. And there’s been quite a few throughout the course of history, but she was a more modern day one.

“And she gave a talk about her vision of mooring the boat in which she described the human race as a group of ants on a piece of driftwood, fighting each other for a little bit of space, and not even realising that they were on this huge, huge river, heading towards a waterfall, and that they were going to go over the edge if they didn’t realise their smallness, and their pettiness, with each other, and their lack of awareness of the greater Whole. And they were so consumed with little goods, or me-me-me goods, that they’ve forgotten the greater picture and the greater Whole, and, that therefore, if we didn’t moor the boat to the bank we’d go over the edge.

“She spent the rest of her life from the age of twenty-one, until I met her in her eighties, before she died in her nineties, living the way, and therefore showing the way, of how we can moor the boat, and she outlined that in what is outlined in the transcript of her speech in a small book called ‘Moor The Boat’.

“But she was due to actually meet with government leaders worldwide, one of which was Kennedy, and she had an appointment with him that was due to take place two weeks after he was assassinated, about Moor The Boat. The irony of these things!

“So I have that message, we’ll certainly, er, I shall seek permission, in fact I’ve already done so, I’ve actually been in touch with her daughter to ask permission for us to use that information, so hopefully it will be fine, and we’ll be able to put the printed text out there.”

…and that printed text is now available, and so you can read Moor The Boat in it’s entirety here on this website, starting with these links below.

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