Moor the Boat: A Short Book About the Future of Humankind

Moor the Boat is a short story about the future of humankind which can be read here in it’s entirety.  It was written by Rev. Ryoju Kikuchi, (alias Tamo). 

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Moor the Boat – A Brief Introduction

“Moor The Boat is a text taken from a talk that Tamo-San gave of her vision that she was given as a young lady of twenty-one when she was meditating on the Om symbol in the temple in Japan, and she said that luminescence, the spirit, living spirit of the Universe came through, and engulfed her, and she was just taken, for two weeks, into this exploratory understanding of the Kosmos and how it works, and during that time she was shown possibilities of cause and effect that would take place if human beings didn’t strive for self-enlightenment, and continued behaving the way they were behaving. So she committed the rest of her life, from that moment on, to try and wake us up, basically, get the message to us.” – John Christian

John Christian talks about Tamo-San and introduces Moor the Boat

Through The Eyes of The Enlightened: About Tamo-San

Find out more about Tamo-san: Rev. Ryoju Kikuchi (alias Tamo).

Born as the third child of a Buddhist priest in 1908. The grandfather saw the child to be very unique and decided to separated her from the other children and the rest of the family, so as to keep the child from being influenced by the people who are usually so occupied by their own problems. The grandfather had living quarters at the back of an altar, away from the other family members, where the infant stayed. Continued…

Chapter 1: Moor the Boat to the Bank

One may imagine a sight of billions of ants on board a piece of driftwood, floating on a fast-running stream. The ants are apparently, unaware that their driftwood is nearing a cataract. They seem to be even ignorant of the fact that they are on the driftwood. If they were aware, how could they afford to hate one another, scheme against one another, or be occupied with greed and hostility? Continue to read Chapter One…


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